About Me

A little something about me.

Who We Are :

Komal Baxi is a practicing RCI certified psychologist, a kind hearted woman, engaged in the field of improving mental health and wellness. Komal brings rich experience in dealing with various mental health issues and has solved many complicated cases. She is dedicated to the good cause of enhancing quality of life. Komal's therapy ensures that you lead a happy healthy life. She is amongst a few psychologists whose passion is to bring revolutionary change in the way people approach the therapist.

What We Do :

We are providing Mental Health solutions for each and everyone here. We have solutions for Relationships, Mental Health, Parenting and much more. We are covering life stages right from the Conception of a child and guiding you throughout your journey.

We are associated with various organizations like Rehab Facilities, M.R. Schools, NGOs, Cardiac Care, Psychiatric Health Care and so on.. We are working on various concepts to assist you better in excelling your Family Life, Your Parenting Strategies and to balance your Psychological health.


"To be the most reliable Psychologist with revolutions in Mental Health field."


"To enable individuals towards the best ever Psychological Health and to remove stigma for the term "Psychologist"

Values :

  • Care: We believe that the care is the basic core value of our profession. We treat all our clients with the intense required care to heal and grow well as an individual.
  • Integrity: Our integrity is our identification.
  • Trust: We are based on trust for the glowing relationship with our clients.
  • Novalty/Innovation: Our Novel concepts makes us class apart. We are working with innovative concepts to deal with developing world day by day.
  • Passion: We are living our passion with a noble job assigned by God - Helping - Guiding and enabling people is our passion.
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