Pre-Marriage Counseling

We meet.. fall in love.. get married and hope we will live happily ever after. Now a days the trends are so fascinating for Marriage, that it feels like a dream wedding!

Pre wedding photo shoots takes couples to the another level of fantasy! Everything seems so rosy, lovely and charismatic before we get into the final step of reality - Marriage!

Unfortunately things don't always turn as we expect them to.

Couples often come to us and share that, "he/she wasn't this way when I met him/her, things have changed. I can't stand him/her any longer. His/her family is too interfering etc. At the end couples either keep on fighting and trying adjust with each other on accepts to stay apart from each other and finally Devore!

How can one think about getting into a danger zone of emotions immediately after the rozy and dreamy phase of life before marriage?

We want you to enter into this Dream World with the safety, assurance and maximum planning for success of your married life.

For this we have introduced the concept of "Pre-Wedding Counselling" in India. Here we expect couples to join us before they get married and to get 'Qualified' for their future married life..

Common reasons why couples separate as fall on the verge of separation include:

  • Communication issues
  • Lack of understanding
  • Lack of Respect for each other
  • Increase parental/in-laws involvement
  • Different Life goals
  • Financial issues
  • Sexual incompatibility
  • Anger issues
  • Lack of patience
  • Betrayal
  • Feeling of hurt in either
  • Unmet expectations
  • Different schedules
  • Different priorities
  • One partner excessively practical and the other emotional
  • Uncut umbilical cords (excessive attachment with one's own set of family)

Why Pre Marriage Counselling?

This is an effective program where in couple...

  • Seek coaching on their communication skills and expressions for each other
  • Observes own and partner's patterns and discuss on ways to adjust with each other's patterns
  • Spells out expectations each partner shares their view on how much and how can they fulfil their partner's expectations and to what extent.
  • Comes to a consensus on how would they like their married life to be.
  • Decide rules for their marriage.
  • Learn to appreciate each other
  • Decides rules of engagement and communication with both sides of the families.
  • Decides rules on children and divides their responsibility (talks on when and how many kids we expected from both the sides.)
  • Functional aspects are discussed and planned such as finances, households chores, social gatherings friends and meetings, scheduling family time outings etc.

We provide customized sessions for each couple with keeping in mind that individual needs and characteristics.

Drop your request here and we will get back to you.

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