Premarital Counseling

We, as social animals, constantly represent our society. We thrive by living up to its standards. At the same time, we are compelled to enroll ourselves in the different institutions of society. Marriage is one such social institution.

It all starts either with the two individuals falling in love or two families. Whatever the case may be, arranged or love, as we call it, marriage is one of the most significant events in our life. We expect that we do not go wrong at the slightest while going through this process. Also, we imagine ourselves in the ‘happily ever after mode’ before marriage. However, when expectations and reality do not meet afterward, we are left helpless, confused and often depressed.

This is the very purpose of premarital counseling. We offer you the best ways to know your compatibility and tolerance with your to-be better half BEFOREHAND. Knowing your partner fully before any social and legal commitment is extremely necessary because if not done so, there are bound to be some serious repercussions.

Here at Psychology Studio, we offer you exactly what you need. Following are the aspects that are looked upon and discussed thoroughly with individuals during this counseling:

  • Individual Traits and Characteristics:
    Both the individuals are provided with the knowledge to know their unique personality traits and how much effect it will have on their forthcoming relationship. Anything that is hidden but an important aspect of life is discussed without passing any judgment.
  • Tolerance:
    No matter what the nature of a relationship is, a bit of tolerance or ‘letting go’ is always necessary. This counseling will provide both of you with the knowledge of how much one can compromise or tolerate without being too ‘stretched’. It provides the correct optimization to individuals for their degree of tolerance.
  • Roles and Responsibilities:
    Both parties are provided with a mirror to understand their capabilities to play different roles in their relationship. As the event of marriage comes with a load of responsibilities, it becomes crucial to know how fit you are in fulfilling them.
  • Sexual Preferences:
    As this is a relationship of romantic nature, sex becomes an inherent part most of the time. It becomes extremely necessary to know your own and your partner’s sexual preferences as mostly unmarried couples don’t discuss it properly and openly.
  • Behaviors:
    One of the most important aspects to be looked upon before tieing the knots is to know how the other person behaves in front of you. Nothing would go smoothly if the behaviors are incompatible in the first place. So we will provide you with an open window to see how, not only your partner but also you would behave in some given situations or circumstances.
  • Backgrounds:
    In a country like India where there are many different religions, languages and cultures, it is mandatory to know what belief system one follows and in what culture he/she was brought up. Background or upbringing has a major impact on one’s personality and eventually on the relationship. So discussing it properly is extremely helpful.

These and all other aspects concerning the future relationship with a focus on the positive and objective outcomes are addressed in our premarital counseling.

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